Jun 07, 2022

Minnesota’s iron mining industry has a 135-year track record of environmental protection, and the iron mining community embraces the region’s natural beauty. From advanced technology that monitors air and water quality, to reclaimed mines like Miners Lake and Redhead Mountain Bike Park, we are committed to being environmental stewards for generations to come. Check out our new video about how responsible iron mining is working to preserve nature’s beauty!

Mar 31, 2022

The Iron Ore Alliance has named Sen. David Tomassoni the winner of our inaugural “Hard Rock Miners” award in recognition of his outstanding commitment and contributions to Minnesota’s taconite industry. Sen. Tomassoni, who has devotedly represented the Iron Range at the Minnesota Legislature since 1993, announced last summer that he was diagnosed with ALS.

Sen. Tomassoni receives the inaugural “Hard Rock Miners” award from members of the Iron Ore Alliance

The “Hard Rock Miners” award is made of taconite directly from U. S. Steel’s Minntac facility. We are immensely grateful for Sen. Tomassoni’s tireless commitment in representing our community and our industry at the State Capitol.

This video – produced in 2020 – showcases Sen. Tomassoni’s passion for the iron mining industry
Jan 21, 2022

We created a dynamic, informative video to raise awareness of our vibrant iron mining industry and how it’s the foundation for modern life, tiled “Minnesota Iron Mining: Making Progress Possible.”

Minnesota’s iron mining industry has served an essential role in the growth and prosperity of the nation for more than a century. But not everyone understands the connection between iron mining and steel, or the importance of steel in our everyday lives. We hope this video showcases the impact the Iron Range has every day — in our lives, our communities, the economy and the global supply chain.

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Introducing the new Iron Ore Alliance Facebook Page

We’re sharing our new video alongside the launch of our new Iron Ore Alliance Facebook page!

We are excited to build our community of iron mining supporters with the addition of a Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing stories of modern iron mining in Minnesota, while also celebrating its rich legacy that spans more than 135 years.

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Aug 26, 2021

We’re thrilled to share a new video about Minnesota’s iron mining industry, titled “Iron Mining: Essential to our Lives, our Communities and our World.”

Featuring interviews with steelworkers, historical images and footage of modern iron mining, the video delivers a fresh, in-depth look at our state’s iconic industry that has spanned more than 130 years and served an essential role in the growth and prosperity of our nation. From mainstay items such as soup cans and appliances to new technologies like wind turbines and electric vehicles, iron mining benefits our everyday lives. Check it out!

Jul 26, 2021

Following years of lost jobs and plant closures, the United States imposed a 25% tariff on some steel imports in 2018. This trade action stabilized the American steel industry, creating thousands of jobs and leading to tens of billions of dollars worth of investments. And the Economic Policy Institute found that Section 232 action did not have any meaningful, real-world impact on prices for steel-consuming products. From the Alliance for American Manufacturing, here are five specific reasons why the United States should keep Section 232 in place.

May 13, 2021

Arbogast is staff representative for United Steelworkers District 11

John Arbogast, staff representative for United Steelworkers District 11, named Iron Ore Alliance co-chair.

Virginia, Minn. – The Iron Ore Alliance is pleased to announce John Arbogast as its new co-chair. Arbogast, staff representative for United Steelworkers District 11, will jointly lead the organization with Chris Masciantonio, director of government affairs and public policy for United States Steel Corporation. Arbogast replaces John Rebrovich, who retired after more than 40 years with the United Steelworkers.

Formed in 2013, the Iron Ore Alliance is a joint initiative between the United Steelworkers and U. S. Steel to share Minnesota’s rich 130-year history of taconite mining. It provides a voice for the thousands of workers at Minnesota Ore Operations’ two facilities: Minntac in Mountain Iron and Keetac in Keewatin. The organization’s mission is to advance common interests of U. S. Steel and the United Steelworkers, such as providing good jobs, investing in the economy and protecting the environment.

“The Iron Ore Alliance is a unique and special organization because it’s a shining example of a company and a union working together collaboratively and productively,” said Arbogast. “I am excited about the opportunity to work with U. S. Steel on the important issues that impact our members and our state.”

Commonly known as “Arbo,” Arbogast was born and raised in Virginia, Minnesota and has worked for the United Steelworkers since 1995. He was president of Local 1938 before assuming his current role of staff representative for District 11.

“Arbo is an outstanding leader and a passionate advocate for the United Steelworkers, our industry, and the Iron Range community,” said Masciantonio. “I look forward to working with him to advance the interests of Minnesota Ore Operations and support the hardworking men and women at Minntac and Keetac.”

About the Iron Ore Alliance

The Iron Ore Alliance is a joint initiative of United States Steel Corporation and the United Steelworkers to help educate Minnesotans about the importance of U. S. Steel’s iron ore business. U. S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore Operations, with its Minntac and Keetac facilities located in northeastern Minnesota, is the state’s largest iron ore producer, and is a critical part of U. S. Steel’s North American operations. Minntac, located in Mountain Iron, is the single largest iron ore pelletizing operation in the United States.  For more information, please visit www.ironorealliance.com.

Mar 29, 2021

You may think we’re all about breaking rocks, but we’re great at breaking records, too.

The Minnesota iron mining industry – including U.S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore Operations – directly contributes to schools across the state through the Minnesota Permanent School Fund (PSF). Our sector’s success has helped the PSF reach new heights. As the largest contributor to the Fund, the Minnesota iron mining industry’s efforts have been instrumental to solidifying the PSF as a valuable resource for students throughout the state.

The Minnesota Department of Education distributed a record $37 million in spendable income from the PSF during the 2020-21 school year, which represents a nearly million-dollar increase from the previous year. This milestone builds upon a decade of consistent growth and success and marks a $14 million increase from ten years ago. Every classroom across Minnesota benefits from the PSF’s equitable allocation of funds, ensuring that all 326 public school districts, along with 178 academies and charter schools, receive their fair share. Distributions are made based on the number of students in average daily membership during the preceding school year. Check out this online tool to find out how much funding your school district received.

As mining on state trust lands continues, revenue for the PSF continues to generate. According to the Minnesota Office of School Trust Lands, funds are invested in a balanced portfolio that has consistently increased in value year over year, with an average rate of return of 9% over the past ten years.

Along with helping to fund Minnesota schools, the iron mining industry continues to support modern technologies and innovations. For example, iron mining serves an important role in the clean energy economy. The 193 million tons of iron ore mined…it produces enough steel to build 424,000 wind turbines. This is but one of the countless examples of how iron mining is critical to our path toward a brighter future, in addition to benefiting Minnesotans today.

Nov 30, 2020

As Keetac resumes its operations, we’re thrilled to share our latest episode of Taconite Talks featuring Keetac’s Tawnya Gustafson, a USW Local 2660 member. Welcome back Tawnya and our Keetac employees!

From starting out as a truck driver to working now as a trainer, Tawnya has made a career mining on the Iron Range. In this episode of Taconite Talks, Tawnya shares her career journey and what the industry means for her community.

“It pays our bills, it keeps our school funds alive, it keeps our economy going, it keeps jobs in our area,” said Tawnya.

Watch this video to hear more from Tawnya about her important work.

You can find more Taconite Talks with policymakers, steelworkers and community members on our YouTube and Twitter pages!

Jul 23, 2020

Minnesota iron mining has supported families and communities across the state for generations. This legacy continues through strong will and collaboration realized through the Iron Ore Alliance, a partnership that remains essential for industry progress and building prosperity in Minnesota.

To recognize the valuable relationship between the United Steelworkers and U. S. Steel – as  well as showcase its pride in the Iron Range – the Alliance produced a new video featuring workers, supporters and lawmakers that strengthen the industry and position it for continued growth.  

Watch this video and share and show your support for Minnesota iron mining!

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Jun 23, 2020

In the latest episode of Taconite Talks, Sen. David Tomassoni, who represents District 6, explains how mining and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Mining and logging activities on the Iron Range have been happening for more than 135 years, yet the area also boasts some of the most pristine natural areas in the state. 

“Not only do we care about the environment in the area, but we take care of the area,” said Sen. Tomassoni. “We make sure that the logging and mining is done in such a way that the area remains pristine, and we’re going to continue to do that for the rest of our lives because we live there, we play there, and we work there.”

Watch this video to hear more from Sen. Tomassoni about the mining industry.

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