Environmental stewardship

Protecting our environment

Minnesota’s iron mines have a proud 140-year track record of protecting the environment.

Iron mining occurs in some of Minnesota’s most valued and pristine environmental areas, and the people who work in this industry and call the Iron Range home want to keep it that way. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rates the Iron Range’s water quality as the best in the state. Iron mines use advanced technology to monitor air and water quality, prevent leaks, and return land to its natural state.

Minnesota Ore Operations has invested more than $80 million in environmental expenditures in the last 5 years. U. S. Steel is also making strides to achieve its goal of net-zero carbon by 2050 and reduce its global greenhouse gas intensity by 20% by 2030. The state-of-the-art electric shovel, now operational at Minntac, is the first of its kind on the Iron Range.

ENVIRONMENT highlights


Environmental investments in the last 5 years


The 25-megawatt Taconite Ridge Wind Energy Center is the first commercial wind energy center in northeastern Minnesota and is located on property owned by U. S. Steel


Reclaimed mines on Minnesota’s iron range are popular recreation destinations and include Redhead Mountain Bike Park and Miner’s Lake

“The only clean water in Minnesota is in northeastern Minnesota where we’ve been logging and mining our entire lives. Which means that not only do we care about the environment in the area, but we take care of the area.”

Late Minnesota Sen. David Tomassoni
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