Supporting Minnesota Ore Operations’ continued leadership


The Iron Ore Alliance is a joint initiative between the United Steelworkers and U. S. Steel. We are working together to share the story of modern iron mining in Minnesota because Minnesota’s mining industry plays a vital role in our state’s future and our global economy.

Iron ore from Minnesota is critical to steelmaking in the United States. U.S. Steel’s Minnesota Ore Operations – consisting of Minntac and Keetac in northeastern Minnesota – produces iron ore pellets, the key ingredient in blast furnace-produced steel. Minntac is the state’s largest single mining operation. Almost every piece of steel made in America comes from iron ore mined in Minnesota. Iron ore creates steel products people use every day – from buildings, aircraft and cars to household appliances, like toasters, washing machines and so much more.

The Iron Ore Alliance is a voice for the more than 1,800 people who work for Minnesota Ore Operations and helps advocate for the thousands of other jobs that benefit our neighbors, communities, and the entire state.

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Minnesota’s iron mines have a proud 135-year track record of protecting the environment.

Mining occurs in some of Minnesota’s most valued and pristine environmental areas, and the people who work in this industry and call the Iron Range home want to keep it that way. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rates the Iron Range’s water quality as best in the state. Iron mines use advanced technology to monitor air and water quality, prevent leaks, and return land to its natural state.

Minnesota Ore Operations have invested more than $65 million in environmental capital expenditures in the last 10 years. U. S. Steel is also making strides to mine more efficiently including a state-of-the-art electric shovel operational at Minntac. The new P&H 2800 shovel at Minntac is the first of its kind on the Iron Range.

In 2021, U. S. Steel announced its aim to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050, and reduce its global greenhouse gas intensity by 20 percent by 2030.

Iron Ore Alliance Leadership

Pictured (from left to right) are Chris Masciantonio, general manager – governmental affairs for U. S. Steel, and John Arbogast, of the United Steelworkers.