A step in the right direction

Jul 21, 2014

Last month we rallied for a level playing field, and now our voices are being heard. The Iron Ore Alliance applauds the Department of Commerce (DOC) for taking a stand for fairness on behalf of America’s 583,000 steel-related workers, including 10,400 in Minnesota. The DOC’s ruling states that imports of oil country tubular goods are priced unfairly low and punitive tariffs should be imposed upon them. We are hopeful that the International Trade Commission will uphold the decision next month.


We would like to thank our thousands of Minnesota union members, businesses, and neighbors who have helped share our concerns about this issue. We would also like to thank Senators Tom Bakk, David Tomassoni, and Tom Saxhaug; Representatives Joe Radinovich, Tom Anzelc, and Jason Metza; U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken; U.S. Congressman Rick Nolan; and all of the Minnesota public officials who have testified, rallied, and written letters in support of iron mining jobs. It is an excellent example of why we want to continue employing, operating and investing in Minnesota.

Click here to watch a video about the six rallies held around the nation to save our steel jobs.