RAMS passes resolution regarding wild rice sulfate standard

Oct 31, 2016

The Range Association of Municipalities and Schools (RAMS) board of directors passed a resolution on October 27, 2016 calling for two things as the MPCA considers a new wild rice sulfate standard.

1. The RAMS resolution called for hearings in Greater Minnesota so that residents, community leaders, and business owners can participate in the process.
2. The group also asked that the timing of the cost analysis and the implementation of the rule be aligned so that the public can formulate sincere and honest reactions to the implementation of a proposed standard. Fee-payers, municipal wastewater treatment operators, and community and business leaders will have to manage the associated expenses to comply with a new standard.

Currently, the cost analysis is not expected to be complete until May 31, 2018, five months after the effective date of a newly proposed sulfate standard.

rams-logoRAMS represents more than 72,000 residents and 47 public sector units of government, including 23 cities, 15 public school districts, and nine townships in the 13,000-square-mile Taconite Assistance Area (TAA) of northern Minnesota.