Mar 31, 2022
Mar 31, 2022
Mar 31, 2022

The Iron Ore Alliance has named Sen. David Tomassoni the winner of our inaugural “Hard Rock Miners” award in recognition of his outstanding commitment and contributions to Minnesota’s taconite industry. Sen. Tomassoni, who has devotedly represented the Iron Range at the Minnesota Legislature since 1993, announced last summer that he was diagnosed with ALS.

Sen. Tomassoni receives the inaugural “Hard Rock Miners” award from members of the Iron Ore Alliance

The “Hard Rock Miners” award is made of taconite directly from U. S. Steel’s Minntac facility. We are immensely grateful for Sen. Tomassoni’s tireless commitment in representing our community and our industry at the State Capitol.

This video – produced in 2020 – showcases Sen. Tomassoni’s passion for the iron mining industry
Mar 01, 2022
Feb 25, 2022
Jan 21, 2022

We created a dynamic, informative video to raise awareness of our vibrant iron mining industry and how it’s the foundation for modern life, tiled “Minnesota Iron Mining: Making Progress Possible.”

Minnesota’s iron mining industry has served an essential role in the growth and prosperity of the nation for more than a century. But not everyone understands the connection between iron mining and steel, or the importance of steel in our everyday lives. We hope this video showcases the impact the Iron Range has every day — in our lives, our communities, the economy and the global supply chain.

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Introducing the new Iron Ore Alliance Facebook Page

We’re sharing our new video alongside the launch of our new Iron Ore Alliance Facebook page!

We are excited to build our community of iron mining supporters with the addition of a Facebook page, where we’ll be sharing stories of modern iron mining in Minnesota, while also celebrating its rich legacy that spans more than 135 years.

We invite you to follow and like our page to stay up to date on the latest news, learn about the history of Minnesota iron mining, discover mining’s economic impact, and more.

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