Jun 24, 2019

The Iron Ore Alliance was proud to support a community initiative to restore the Olcott Park fountain in Virginia, Minnesota.

The historic Olcott Park fountain, which was built during the Great Depression, fell victim to mechanical issues when it stopped flowing in 2013.

After six dry years, many community meetings and $1 million in donations, a crowd of residents gathered in June to watch the fountain spring forth once again.

With the fountain back in action, the Parks and Recreation Commission for the City of Virginia seeks to raise an additional $50,000 before they render the project fully complete. Learn more here.

Jun 21, 2019

U. S. Steel introduced its new P&H 2800 shovel at Minntac in Mountain Iron on June 18, which is the first of its kind on the Iron Range.

The electric shovel, which took three months to build, has a price tag of more than $20 million. Its primary purpose will be to strip waste rock to expose and load crude ore directly for delivery to primary crushers.

The shovel features a state-of-the-art alternating current (AC) drive, which differs from traditional direct current (DC) drive shovels.

This cutting-edge machinery is a great investment in new
technology and makes the mining process more efficient.

Learn more here.